Advanced SCR and SNCR technologies for NOx, CO, VOC: Georg Lechner, Scheuch GmbH (Austria)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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The last lesson today, I will complete the picture of what we have seen today regarding NOx reduction technologies whether its SNCR. Now we will hear the possible, technologies on SCR application for the cement industry. I want to show you some comparison on the like to like model to see the operation cost, and investment cost between the different available solution, and let me start with a few words about scheuch GmbH.

We're a traditionally Austrian Company family owned located in obaostarreich this is in upper Austria and having a turnover of around 120 million last year, with 600 people employed in the total Group. Our business started in 1963 with six people in a small plumber workshop in reid im innkreis, and we're now as I said 780-800 people in the group.

This is a slide I personally like most because because it creates a little image of what we're doing in a year, this is the output of our in-house production in obaostarreich and I leave you these figures shortly we have about 800 bag filter units a year ,2700 fans and the distance from the welding joints for example, which is mentioned here, 1000 kilometer is from here to Paris to the Eiffel Tower.

The portfolio we provide is starting from components business as we will be selling single components ,ducts, halos, small bag filters, real fans up to 800000 cubic meters, even controllers, heat exchanger, gas cooling towers, here you will see some boilers which are used for heat transfer systems in the CR technology later on and our core business of course, where we coming from the tax collectors, the left picture is our process filter the so called EMC technology, the next one is our standards online kiln filter, import filter shock pressure filter for coal industry pressure assisting up to nine bars, and finally electrostatic precipitators and your big division is dealing with emission abatement technology which is in fact SCR technology and to ex mercury what you have heard yesterday .

Let's come to this initial topic SCR technologies what is available on the market basically you can cut in two areas the tail end solution, low dust arrangement, or the dust side, the high dust arrangement, processing degraded. These are the two main categories. The tail end SCR this small is known from their power plant industry.

It requires huge heat exchanger surfaces what we see later on. A second technology adding in this area is our new development the so called deconox which is [xx] three weeks and this deconox is a combination of re-generative thermal oxidizer and a catalyst system in one mission.

So this is the technology dealing with low dust after back filter the tail end arrangement. Coming to the high dust, do we have the possibilities known that you can install like a catalyzer into high dust atmosphere? There's a certain limit we have input dust loads so we divide the high dust SCR units into two categories, the high dust and the semi dust.

The semi dust installation by the way is that one what we are going to see tomorrow in Manners-dorf plant. The first full scale installation there, the difference between this two installations is just an additional pre-separator to take out the dust load before entering the SCR installation.

Here we have the comparison sheets between these technologies, the main category is the inlet dust loads the tail-end

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