HeidelbergCement’s endeavours in AFR and carbon capture and utilisation: Jan Theulen, Global Director Alternative Resources, HeidelbergCement (Belgium)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Thank you. I would like to take you a little bit around the world of HeidelbergCement. We've got a fantastic presentation of the alternative fuel development in Austria, but I can tell you if you go around the world not everywhere you have the same favorable conditions and we'll see how this works out. So it is really time to act on our CO2 footprints, if we see that in the last 150 years we spent this amount of CO2 as humanity brought into the air and in the last 15 years we added another 440 which is roughly half of what we did in the last 150 years.

If we look what it means in global warming, in 150 years we've warmed up 0.8 degrees, in the last 15 years, we moved up to 1.5 and to which the maximum, what we want to have achieved at which will be confirmed in Paris in December is do not go higher than plus two degrees, for that our remaining budget is roughly twice the volume of what we did the last 15 years, but we are increasing in a lot of countries in the world, our economy is still increasing, so if you calculate we have another 17 years left before we reach to critical point of two degrees increase, so there's nothing anymore to find excuses, this is what we have now time to act and we want to leave this result to last attempt and exploit it in order not to warm up our climate too much. And the cement industry has a large responsibility to take there, and this is very well recognized by the CSI.

The CSI is the Cement Sustainability Initiative under the world business council of sustainable developments. Our group is one of the founding members, but meanwhile we are with 22 members very well distributed around the world. And the CSI developed the road map how to come to a significant CO2 emission reduction in 2050, taking into account even the growth of the industry, and I want to highlight today two of the four important levers to reduce the CO2 is the alternative fuels and it's the carbon capture and storage and utilization.

First on alternative fuels are raw materials. If we look we have as HeidelbergCement an impressive growth of alternative fuels, but there is still a lot to develop, you can see this here graph of our cement kilns and this the alternative fuel rates. You see it ranges up from 80% but the whole of our kilns are still below 10% or even at 0%.

Of course, they are not in as favor remark as in Austria or in Germany. The challenges to move to move also the kilns with lower substitution rates in countries which are less favorable conditions to boost them up to higher use of alternative fuels of course at an economical way. Because we are not a charity organization.

We are in a highly competitive environment. But we see in general that if you raise the alternative fuel rates, your fuel cost will come down. Our top performing, some of them with 80% have a certain fuel rate, some over 60% have even lower fuel costs. It depends of course on your fuel mix, but we see a clear trend that with high alternative fuel rates you are bringing your fuel costs down.

And in the meanwhile it means we are recovering six million tons of waste per year in our group, in our cement kiln lines, saving 1.5 million tons of coal every year and it's close to $1 million CO2 saving. Let's move a little bit around the world. Let's start in China. China, of course, a massive cement industry there.

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