The Mardin Cement 4000tpd clinker cooler retrofit - breaking a new world record with the FONS Delta Cooler: Mogens Fons, Fons Technology International (Turkey)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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Okay, I'll show a presentation, and a small animation, and three and a half minute video that will give you a full picture of our cooler and then hopefully we'll have a few minutes for questions. Normally I say that, "Brilliant solutions spring from the well to go beyond the limits of what we imagine is technically possible" and we'll come to this phrase a couple of time during this presentation.

We always hear you see a complete cooler, it's a shorter flow cooler, which by the way, patented in 1999 as the first user of this technology, this one has eight lanes from our workshop where we check testfully with our hydraulic station and everything before we ship to the site, to break this record of stoppage time at the plant for a retrofit job.

We've a modular design. That means that each of our module is two meter long, you can see it down to the right and 400 millimeter is the width of our lanes. We actually store cooler for 10,000 ton per day in our stock, so we can either sell two 5,000 ton or five 2,000 ton with very short delivery time, because you can see the modular design to the left here, we just take the modules in with direction according to how wide is the cooler, how is the existing casing, and then the lengths to give us enough area for the aeration of our material.

Here you see the principle, all lanes go forward together and then every third goes back, and another every third and the last third. That means, when they retract, the two neighbors are not moving and this will give you the full transport, this is the highest transport efficiency of a cooler principle, and mark this is going horizontal. So that means the risk of Red River is hardly is reduced to near to zero. Some of the old reciprocative great coolers need to be on a slope to have enough transport efficiency.

We have more than 70% transport efficiency which means that our movable parts are moving very slow compared to the clinker pit, 70â"… our stroke length forward, back, back, back and then the clinker is moved than 70% of this 300 millimeter. This also save electrical consumption on the hydraulic system to move the lanes. And here, you see the lanes up to the right and if we take a cut in one of our lanes, which's done down here,

you can actually see that we've stationary, it's not keeping, we've stationery clinker. So that means that the blue one, not moving. They move together with lanes like a pocket, so grate plate is no more a wear item. We never change grate plate. The only wear part is the top of this small vertical plate between two grate plates and that has a 3 millimeter wear welding.

But that clinker serves both to protect the grates from heat and wear. Imagine cement in Turkey, this is Oyak group, the biggest producer in Turkey, we installed a 4,000 ton per day. So basically, we take out the old cooler to the picture on the left and leave us with the picture to the right where all internals are taken out. Then, we cover the hoppers because in this cooler concept, we have zero fall through of material so you don't have any more maintenance on your conveying system below the cooler.

Here, you can see that we cover the plates, they can remove the hoppers afterwards, we shorten the time only to put a plate and welt on the floor in our under grate compartment. To the right, it's done. Then, we bring in all our units which are two meter long. You can see them up to the right, this is how they leave our workshop and actually to the left we can push them in like that.

So everything is pre assembled, only the lanes have to be connected for every two meter with positioning pins and bolts, and after that is done, we erect the grate line to the left.

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