Different approaches to applying O&M services: Hossam Darwish, ASEC Engineering (Egypt)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see from the title of our presentation, of my presentation that we are going to talk about a service that started almost 30 years from now, or little bit more. With a very increasing and rapid increasing demanding in the market, especially in our region. We have seen this morning in one of the presentation, I think it was a first one, that since 1970 and going on coming to now, there is a very rapid increase in the market and the capacities, many cement plants are coming in the region.

So with this rapid expansion and very increased expansion, start the need or the market for this kind of service. So why it comes? In our region many of the plants for a very recent time, it was built and owned by the government and for very obvious reasons we cannot or we don't want to talk about it here.

So the performance of these plans over times becomes a little bit slow and you start to need some help from experts or from somebody to improve or help the performance of the plants and then later on some investors out of the industry start to invest in cement and also they start to need somebody to help them running the plants, operating the plants, maintaining plants, and then very obvious also is that doing that, holds the government and investors start to need to contribute to the local market or to the local people.

Each plant, many of the plants are built in some developing countries, you need to find jobs for the local people, you need to train them to teach them how to do the things perfectly, so they need some experts, some people who have accumulation of experience to help the people and to start to transfer the know how.

Plus also if we're offering this service to some investors, then they could leave the day to their work, can't stop everyday has a problem, they give this headache to somebody else and they start to go on with new investment, second line or something like that.
So this is where
we find the people looking for after this kind of service in the region. So the traditional approach as a title, the title is different approaches, traditional approaches started with a complete or overall or what we call technical plant management, that means a manager or the contractor is coming to the plant, he bring a full team from his own, responsible for spare parts, responsible for full guarantees, annual production, energy consumption, some other KPI's, but after a while we found ASEC that not all the customers need this kind of let's say turn key service or full service because of different needs, because of different countries regulations or whatever they may need something else. So we start to think about kind of what we call it multiple solution, we don't go to the customer who is only one solution, we could adapt our solution on his needs so what we're going to talk about in the next few slides a different kind of O & M.

One is O & M contracts excluding spare parts and we'll see why we could do that or we need to do that, O & M management contracts, so it's only in management on them and in other places or other and if different title, we'll call it a technical assistance, and improving production to achieve the designed capacity, or just a specific technical assistant service as part of operation or part of maintenance service.

So let me first talk to you about my company, my company ASEC is started over 40 years 1975, it's an Egyptian company, and

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