VRM technology past, present and future: Carsten Schoessow, Gebr Pfeiffer (Germany)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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So I would like to present the Gebr Pfeiffer my company, and as we have the name of the presentation, I will start with the past because it was our history, and our history is very long because we celebrated last year our 150th birthday together with our clients. I want to show you some highlights which is at the beginning, the start 151 years ago, and we have some highlights here as the first vertical roller mill for cement grinding.

Actually, it's still in operation in Germany and we have established some subsidiaries in India and United States and later on we come to our new mill type which I will also present in this presentation. So what are are highlights around Gebr Pfeiffer? So we have vertical roller mills for grinding of cement raw material, coal and clinker, slag, whatever. In coal grinding, we also have a lot of references in the coal mills for power plants, where we have a licensing agrement with Babcock & Wilcox, United States, and I don't know the actual name I think Babcock Hitachi in Germany.

Another area is the grinding and calsigning[sp?] of tripson[sp?], where we're supplying our MPS mills for the production of there wall bolts. Latest points I will also show later more in detail is the last plant Wilson MVR Mill, which went onto operation in Port Kembla Australia. This is a grinding station, and the owners of this plant is a 50%-50% share between Houston and Hydrotech cement. If we now come to the grinding technologies, we have in Gebr Pfeiffer, we have first of all the well known MPS mill, which we are using for grinding of raw material, coal and clinker and for higher capacities, we have now developed the new MVR mill.

First of all I want to show you something special of Gebr Pfeiffer because we have our own workshop. So since the beginning, we are producing the key parts of our mills ourself. Still today, we are, for example, special parts like grinding rollers are completely assembled in our workshop in Germany, and then sent to the final destination.

Here you see some pictures as the huge grinding rollers of the MVR mills, rocker arms, and we even have a small foundry to cast some parts of the ware parts of the mill. If we now go on to the MPS mill, which I showed you before, we have now sold more that 2, 000 MPS mills to the industry. If we look on our references within the last 20 years, you see here, nearly 200 MPS mills for the grinding of cement raw material, more than 100 for coal grinding and around 60 for the grinding of clinker and slag.

Here I show you of the MPS mills always the biggest sizes, which have been supplied, and we have an MPS 5600 mills, it's a 5.6 table diameter, and the throughput for this plant in India is 650 tonnes per hour. In coal grinding, we have supplied the biggest coal mill in the world. It's in Indonesia in bio-cement for the grinding of [xx] coal in Indonesia with dry size of 1,300 kilowatt.

and the biggest MPS mill for the grinding of clinker and slag, is the MPS 5600. So, this is again a 5.6 meter table diameter, and this mill is also operation in India. The problem we face at a certain time at MPS mill was that we have a fix number of steel rollers, which means all the kilns are getting bigger here at Emirates, we also have already ten thousand ton per day kilns in Saudi Arabia too, and that means you need capacities for the mills to grind 8-900 tonnes per hour of cement raw material, and you need cement mills, which are able to grind three hundred or even more than three hundred tonnes per hour, and in this case, we are coming to a certain limit with our MPS mill, because

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