Alternative fuels handling: Wolfgang Schulte, BEUMER Group (Germany)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Thank you very much. I would like to thank the organizers for this. Cemtech organizations and to have the speech here. Some words about Beumer, most of you know our company, but in the last years we have developed to a group still independent and family owned in the third generation Mr. Christopher Beumer is heading our company in the mean time we're world wide for more than 4, 000 people, and serving around the globe the customers and our turn over is around 700 million.

Beumer had different branches but I'm standing here for the cement industry and in the previous different kinds of let's say departments, you're starting of course with quarry where we can deliver long belt conveyor and pipe conveyors doing long stretches in one stretch long distances up to 12, 13 kilometers.

And then be our serving the handling systems [xx] reclaimer[sp?] system which we also can offer you. Of course everybody knows we are in back-end elevators and clinker transports what is relatively new that we are also completely doing the picking plants from the pecker[sp?] up to the [xx] how to [xx], and so so on.

And we are also of course in truck loading and so on. today we are talking about alternative fuels, and we have developed some systems for that. And I would like to present this now, so of course everybody knows energy is the main sector in the cement plant, and since oil shock in the 70's we are in this business, and we have developed at the time the tire handling system for the cement industry.

Before I come to the specific systems I would like to let's say to clarify what is going by what so you have on the 1st stage let's say its the high calorific fraction which is going to the system like hot disk or [xx] then you have the residue the right fuels. Which are going mainly to the canciner and then you have the solid recovered fuels, these are so sorted out and made to go through the main burner.

For the high calorific fraction let's say there's one specialized thing that is the whole tires calorific fraction and I think it was 10 years ago when we were all fighting the meat and bone mill at the time and that is for the solid derived tools. So the waste is sorted out and cleaned and so on and then you got the inflexions so you have the high calorific fraction at first stage that going up to 300 millimeters, and then you have the residue which go between 60 and 120 millimeters and the solid recovered fumes has the smallest flexions 15-30 millimeters which would through the main burner.

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