Innovative techniques adopted by DG Khan for alternative fuels and waste heat recovery: Dr Arif Bashir, DG Khan (Pakistan)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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Thank you very much and good morning to ladies and gentlemen. I'm also thankful to you for providing us this opportunity to meet with old friends coming from different countries, and after 20 years I noticed that old friends, they've also got grey hair. The topic of today's talk is the innovative techniques developed by DG Khan cement for alternative fuels and waste heat recovery.

As I said, that I've divided my talk into three parts, first part leads to the Pakistan Cement Industry and DG Khan Cement Production Lines. And then in the second part I'd like to present use of alternative fuels and that is our practical experience and the techniques that we have adopted to use maximum alternative fuel.

And yesterday in the morning session we talked about problems that one may encounter in the use of alternative fuels or wastage recovery. And today I'm going to talk on all those problems that we have been facing and how we are solving those problems. Then we'll talk about the waste heat recovery unit and in the waste heat recovery unit, I'm going to present before you a comparative study on the conventional Rankineg cycle, that we have installed at one of our plants and cleaner cycle which is first of it's kind in the world and first time it's being installed on a cement plant.

First, let's talk about the cement industry and cement plants in Pakistan. As you can see that, these red dots are those cement plants which installed in the North and the red dots are those which installed in the South. In total Pakistan has got about 26 cement plants and you can see from here we border our share with the China, with Afghanistan, Iran and India.

From the factories which are located in the North, we are exporting cement to Afghanistan and some to the Russian states and from the plant which are located in the centre of the country or somewhere here, we export also to India. Our cement is also going to African countries and by what you're having a very good and consistent quality of cement, we have got a fair market share in African market.

If we look at the production capacities of our cement plants then today the installed is 44.7 million tonnes per year and the capacity utilization you can see is about 76. 79% ending year 2014. If we look at the domestic portion, it's 26.14 million tonnes and the export is 8.14 billion tonnes. By the recent results of sales indicate that sale volume have increased by about 6.18% during past seven months starting from July up to January.

And our domestic sales have gone up to 10%. So that is a very good indicator to see that in coming five months then we hope that our domestic sales will also pick further the market share of Digicom cement is close to 11.3% and these are the cement factories and big players of cement I'm sure that [xx] people are also still sitting here their market share is 6.1%.

Digicon[sp] cement company we've got two cement plants with three kilns in operations. Two kilns are installed at a place called Digicon and Digicon is the name of city which is in the center of the country. There we've got two plants 4000 tonnes FLS plants which was commissioned back in 1997 and 2700 tonnes plant supplied by [xx] which was commissioned back in 1986.

Now with this plant which is [xx] plant and FLS plant, we've installed conventional Rankine cycle for the waste heat recovery, capable to produce 10.4 megawatt of electricity supplied by

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