Doloma brick – an affordable refractory to line the central burning zone of rotary cement kilns: Eduardo Reis, Magnesita (Brazil)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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Before starting, I'd like to invite you to watch short movie from the overall general information about Magnesita. We are billions of people, millions of voices, countless different cultures, but only one global economy. An economy comprising increasingly demanding markets, which require more and more from essential industries like steel, cement and glass.

In order to meet such high expectations companies are always looking for the best suppliers of solutions and materials. Materials like refractories and when billion dollar contracts, and the reputations of major companies are at stake, it makes all difference to have a partner that can offer more than just refractors.

A partner capable of offering integrated solutions committed to each customer, and focused on results. Solutions that have global reach, without losing site of regional characteristics that make each company unique. Magnesita offers all of these. Magnesita is a publicly traded company which extracts, preduces and sells an extensive line of refractory solutions, industrial minerals and value added services.

Modern, leading and competitive, Magnesita operates on every content in the world. The company has several industrial facilities, mines and commercial offices worldwide. In addition to its own quart terminal Aratu, Brazil to assist the export of it's preducts. Magnesita is the most integrated refractory company in the world with almost all of its raw materials needed sourced from it's own mines.

The company has one of the largest and best global reserves of magnesite, dolomite, talc and other industrial minerals. The magnesite extracted at the Brumado mine in Brazil has purity contents of up to 98%, an extremely rare occurrence. In addition to rendering magnesita, less vulnerable to raw material market instability, this vertical integration guarantees total control over the manufacturing precess.

This preduction precess control coupled with the company's vast experience in assembly and maintenance services and the constant search for innovation allows Magnesita to address each customers specific needs with flexibility and efficiency. All these precedures follows standards of the company's corporate quality management system, certified by ISO 9001.

The biggest advantage for Magnesita's customers is the partnership model that the company offers. The innovative CPP model or cost per perfomance, offers integrated solutions for our customers. Under the CPP model, Magnesita's revenue is the result of the performance of it's customers and not the volume of refractories sold.

Magnesita believes that efficiency for the customer, means efficiency for the company, and that Magnesita is a business partner and not just a refractory supplier. By helping each customer to implement precesses that optimize their preduction precess, Magnesita generates more prefit for all. An important part of the constant search for a maximum efficiency in refractories, happens in the research and development centers of Magnesita.

The company has several research centers with modern equipment and qualified prefessionals working around the world and in partnership with its commercial and operation teams. Thus, Magnesita is able to develop preducts and precesses with agility that meet the local needs and specific requests of each customer.

Magnesita's care with everything it does, is also reflected int the relationship with the local community. A relationship guided by a respect for the environment and by a commitment to a dialogue with the local community. Filters installed in all of of Magnesita's facilities, reduce particle emissions into the atmosphere. Also planned extraction pretects the surrounding area to the mines preserving the native environment of fauna and flora, and several areas of reforestation are also maintained by Magnesita.

The water used by the plants is re-circulated and undergoes rigorous quality control.

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