Solutions for catalytic filtration in the cement industry: Presented by: Pietro Aresta, FLSmidth (Denmark)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Thank you Mr. Chairman, thank you everybody. Today I said I will talk about solution for catalytic filtration in the cement industry. As anybody knows the regulations are getting tighter and not only in terms of emission of particulate matter, but also in terms of emission of gaseous pollutants, included components such as NOx, NH3, O-HAPss, organic compounds especially in US market for now, and probably they are coming and that called for some solutions and in particular for FLSmidth, for one catalytic technology.

First of all what is a catalyst? A catalyst is a compound which helps increase the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed itself, and can be seen as if we have of course a mountain which represents the energy that the reactions needs to occur instead of climbing the mountain we can go through digging a tunnel and this is what the catalyst basically does, so we don't need to increase the thermal content in the system basically we don't need to reach extremely high temperatures.

What FLSmidth does it basically presents two solutions the CataMax and the CataFlex and we will discuss now more in detail these two products. First of the CataMax catalytic solution we've timelined here you can see that the development of the started very early when we heard about the new emmision regulation in the US.

By the way the emmision regulations started in US right this month September 2015. So it was a long run and we started developing this concept, and then in 2009, 2010, we have constructed the first test unit in our R&D facilities in Denmark and we started testing this this solution.

Then in one year later, we started with a slip stream unit in a US plant and having some very good results which allows us to present the product on the market in 2012 and those in the IEEE the showcase of this unit same period. Then we are tested in other same period in the serial. Now the three cement plants a slipstream unit and finally in 2015 were being awarded by two orders one in epc cellular both for a full scale installation in cement plants, but what are we talking about? We're talking the solution with catalytic elements embedded with catalysts where the dust is filtered on the surface of the candle, and this is very important because if you consider for example in SCR solution and monolith we have a problem if the gas is bearing some dust, this dust can fool the catalyst and can also bring with it some healing methods, some possible poison for the catalyst, so there is a special care for avoiding deactivation of the catalyst which here is strongly, strongly reduced because all the dust included possible poison is filtered before entering the candle and so all the catalytic reactions can happen with only clean air, clean gas. And so you can see you can reduce all these components of course NH3 with NOx and are harmless outcome. This is how the Framic element looks like, you can see they're rigid so they don't need any cage and of course special cares are considered likewise bags in order to avoid any velocity peak in order to keep the no stress on the ceramic elements keep a very good life time in the system. And this is how our first bio testing our R&D facility in Denmark look like we started testing not with just air but simulating the condition in a kiln mill environment so those in the right amount of a representative CO2, oxygen, nitrogen, moisture and, of course, using kiln mill dust.

Changing the temperature you can see big insulation because we went to 300 degrees and probably even higher to see the behavior on all the

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