Alternative fuels: technology, performance and challenges: Dr Arif Bashir, DG Khan (Pakistan)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. My today's topic is Technology Perfomance and challenges of using alternative fuels. In my presentation, I'll be giving you a brief on the Pakistan Cement Industry and introduction about DG Khan Cement and then the type of alternative fuels that we have been using and more importantly are some operation results I'd like to share with you and thereafter the challenges that we're facing and it's going to be a very interesting session. That I attended the presentation yesterday and today and realized that alot of people have alot of experience about alternative fuels so the challenges that I'm going to talk on, I'm sure that in question and answer sessions, we're going to talk in more detail.

For those who are not familiar with the Pakistan cement industry, here is a map showing Pakistan neighboring Afghanistan, Iran top with China and here we're sharing our boarder with India. All those red marks are indicating the location of cement plants in Pakistan, all in all we have 26 cement plants in operation, with a production capacity nearly 46 million tonnes per annum.

DG Khan Cement Company is located somewhere here with the production capacity of 7,000 tonnes from a single line and then we have second plant somewhere here with a total production capacity from two plants 6,700 tonnes a day. The third plant that we're going to put up here, is in the South near Arabian Sea.

We'll be having a production capacity of 8,500 tonnes clinker per day. As I said that in Pakistan we're operating 26 cement plants nearly 45 million tonnes of production capacity and last year the capacity utilization was close to 76.7% but I'm so glad to share with you that this year's situation is totally different and we're touching a capacity utilization figure of about 85%. With economic development in the country, political stability, the economy is transferring to the booming stage.

If you look at the market share in Pakistan then we have a market share of DG Khan Cement close to 11.3% with the top coming from Lucky Cement having 15.8% market share. As I said we have two production lines in operation in the center of the country and two production lines are giving us total 6,700 tonnes per day where we have installed conventional ranking cycle and that can produce 10.4 megawatt of electricity from waste heat recovery unit. In the second plant which is situated at Khairpur, we have got 7,000 tonnes per day clinker production and 8.6 megawatt is the power generation from a new technology called Kalina Cycle. All in all in our plants we have been able to successfully substitute about 30% of our power from the waste heat recovery units.

It's the plant which is at Khairpur and I'm going to present before you some operational results on this beautiful plant where we have substituted imported coal with a locally made alternative fuels coming from different sources. If you look at the cost breakup of last financial year ending June 2014, then the major cost input are coming from fuel which is nearly 39% and power which is nearly 20%. Now these were the two key areas where our group started working during past three years and successfully we have substituted the imported coal with locally made waste materials. All in all, we have been using over a period of time, 23 different kinds of waste materials coming from industrial waste, agriculture waste, municipal solid waste, tyre derived fuel and poultry

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