Indian cement industry – present status and the way forward: Dr SK Handoo, Cement Manufacturers’ Association of India (India)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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I'll begin my presentation by recalling my last presentation which I made in the Cement Asia, Jakarta in 2013. At that point of time there was certain projections which were made based on the inputs we had at that point of time, and if I recall those I think much changes have happened over the period.

Now what I have tried to do in this presentation is basically, if you see the title itself says "The Present Status and The Way Forward". I think there is almost half of the presentation will be on the present status and the rest will be on the way forward. Now I'm here on behalf of Cement Manufacturers Association, so it's my prime duty to just have a few words about our association. I think we represent the major cement industry in the country, almost 75% of the capacity is our members' plants here.

Now, we basically provide a link between the industry and the government I think in my introductory words, [xx] also mentioned about that thing. And we have a role to play in the formulation of the government policies based on the inputs which we have from the industry. And then apprise the authorities of the latest technological development which have taken place and how they can be put in place from the governments point of view.

Of course there is a need on the rational use of cement. Today we talk so much about sustainability. Ultimately, at the end of the day nature has given us something. So, we not only have to use it, we have to conserve it for the future generation also. So, there has to be that quantum of rational utilization of the cement apart from the demand whatever we make is this.

One of the job we also on the quality assurance of the product because that's what ultimately means. I think in the following presentations they're saying that cement is selling very good and because of it's quality and all those things. So, in any competitor to market you've to keep those options into view. Now, finally with respect to our rule on the global sustainability, we have joined hands with cement sustainability initiatives in 2012. So, we act as a communication partner with a member companies of CSI group with [xx]. Now, just an overall scenario of the industry, I think looking back from where a moderate industry, we have moved to one of the most modern and world class industry today.

As most of you maybe aware, last year we completed 100 years of the industry. So, today we are 100 plus. Now, in these 100 plus where we have moved from, I think we have tried to broadly bring out in this slide we are the second largest producers of cement. And as I said this world class cement we are producing using the best practices, and having the products of the global quality.

Now, there's a,
Now, there's a in the process we are contributing to the nation as a revenue sector also, I think that goes without say. Now, I think Thomas is here around, he will hear me. You are fortunate enough to have the latest issue of your global review with you. So, obviously you have both access to the latest data, I don't have today in this presentation.

So, you are already updated, but anyway, much will not change on the figure which I have presented here. Now, it tells me about the share of Indian

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