Covering existing stockpiles: Roel Castano, Geometrica (USA)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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So as I told you we'd be talking about covering existing stockpiles, and you know that with new environmental regulations, covering stockpiles is something that we will have to do, if not now, eventually. So technology, sorry, it wasn't me! So technology allows us to do a lot more things than were capable of doing even three years ago, 10 years ago maybe. We have developed new technology to do this, and I want to present it to you, and know that it's available, and that covering stockpiles with any configuration can be done in an efficient and cost effective way, okay?

The talk will be about problems covering existing stockpiles, I will try to identify with your problems. Then I'll present the company, where we come from, what our system is consisting of, and our Freedome® Technology, Freedome meaning that the domes can be anything you want. Then I will talk about the solutions, assessing the problems we will be talking about in a minute, and just certifications that Geometrica has achieved in time, and how you can get in contact with us, okay.

The problems of covering existing stockpiles. Sometimes the stockpiles that you have already operating are quite large, and when you think about covering a stockpile that may be a limitation, sometimes you may think that that couldn't be done. Sometimes the stockpile, because it was designed before is on a slope, and sometimes the shape is not circular or longitudinal, or the conventional shape.

You know that downtime is not acceptable, so covering a stockpile that is already operating is a challenge. The installation itself seems impossible even if you decide to cover it, of course, safety of the workers during working on an operating stockpile is something that you cannot forget, it's priority.

I will not move any more, okay? You may be in a remote place where heavy equipment is a challenge, it's very costly, and you know that big foundations are required for large stockpiles, and doing these big foundations in an operating environment is quite difficult, and of course, the stockpile may have retaining walls or other obstacles in the way of a new cover.

Okay? So this is the most problems we hear about. So let's go back to what Geometrica is, and who we are. Geometrica, designs and builds long span storages, that's what we do. If you didn't know Geometrica, we have been in the market for 25 years, little more than that, and even before that. This is, as I told you, this is what we do, we cover stockpiles, and even before we came, the pioneers of these systems of covering, of doing reticular dome structures, or may be you have heard of Buckminster Fuller.

He commercialized, or could say invented, but that could be discussed, but Mr. Fuller, was the first inventor and user of a geodesic dome, and we come from that. Then Francisco Castaño, who is my father, in the 60s, he was the first to do the big domes, to use the reticular structures to do

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