Palletless packaging systems – Southeast Asian case studies: Soravudh Chotivanich, Beumer Group (Germany)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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I will present you Beumer's Palletless Packaging technology. It's going to be brief and later on I'll show you a short video of what Beumer does in terms of Palletless Packaging. So to begin with, Beumer is a family owned company. We have been in the business since 1935, 680 million Euro turn over last 2013 and at the moment, we're about 4,000 strong.

However, for the South East Asia office, we are Beumer, Thailand here and we're about 50 people operating. He is our CEO by the way, third Generation. Probably most of you know, Beumer already because of the long time presence in the cement industry. So what you see here most of the blue colored things are from Beumer. The reason [incomprehensible] gave us a chance to include the rotary packer in our line together with the palletizer and of course, what we call the end line packaging.

So, yeah. This is what we have now at the moment. We have a complete line of the rotary packer, the bag placer, check layer, bag rejector in our portfolio. On top of this, we have our truck loader, automatic truck loader. We have also the Wagon loader truck, bulk truck loader, and the palletizer here. So in your working plan, Beumer can supply the whole thing. When we're talking about the dispatch of the bag, it may come without packaging or it may come with the packaging, but in this case here we will show you a palletless stop for cement bags, today's packaging solutions.

Why we have this? One reason is, in this region we found out that wooden pallets would cost you roughly 10-12 Euros per pallet. To return this pallet back to cement plants is a challenge, and more often than not, this pallet becomes other properties. Wooden pallets or plastic pallets, which cost about roughly 50 Euro is a cost. So, there are companies that has now changed the way they do the packaging, or the end line packaging I should say. This batch using palletless is in this form, or in this form. Outside storage

also is possible, because you have six dimension packaging here. Benefits, again palletless means no pallet. Reduction of packaging cost, film cost are relatively lower compared to the pallet itself. One pallet may cost you roughly about, let's say three to four Euros per palette, as compared to one wooden pallet of 10-12 Euros. No handling of palett itself,

you don't need an area to store these palets.

Benefits: Higher loading volume
because you can use the space occupied by the pallets with your product, less space and the most important thing here is this, the road is protected from weather exposure on all sides. We cover from top to bottom, and four sides. We're very particular now with CO2 emission, so we believe that using this palletless system, you can maximize your loading, thereby reducing more time to transport. Onsite storage, for pallets is no more required, you change it with plastics which occupies less space.

And increase your system reliability of your parking plan. If, let's say, you're continuously running and you don't have enough space in your storage and you can stop your packing plan. You can store these products outside, why? Because it's six sided covered. This video will give you an idea of the palletless system.

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