Prepol Step Combustor – a simple combustion system for alternative fuels: Sebastian Frie, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG (Germany)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Hey, good afternoon? Welcome to this presentation our Prepol Step Combustor, a brief of introduction so my name is Sebastian Frie, and I'm pleased to introduce you with new combustion system for alternative fuels and was working in research developement and I'm one of the developer of this system so I'm able to answer an questions you might have regarding this technology.

So if we are talking about alternative fuel combustion we already learned yesterday and also today but this is of course state of the art for cement production process so also we as Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions also known as polysius yes also known as polysius we are able to deliver everything which is needed for the combustion of alternative fuels I think we have special the main burner injection devices for consigner loops.

We know how to define consigner loops in order to reach high substitution rates. And we also can offer you all the waste fuel preparation storage and transport plant, and equipment. So what is achievable with this kind of technology for new plant especially is 80% of substitution and more, and you might wonder why is there the need to develop a new combustion device.

So in order to extend your vets I would like to talk a little about the limits which we see if we burn alternative fuels, so if we look for example to the consigner loop. So then we have on one hand the particle size of the fuels. So what you must avoid is that the particle size is too big, and that the fuel is not going together with the gas flow through the container but is directly looking into kiln inlet so if this is happening this causes high temperature in the kiln inlet area and you get problems process related with high alkali so this is normally limiting then substitution rate which is possibly to achieve.

So on the other hand you have of course the residence time that means despite the particle size which must be small enough, you need to have a consigner loop which is long enough so as the rule of thumb we say for really a good and high substitution rate we need residence time the consigner loop of six seconds, and above in order to get a good burn out.

container If you have waste fuels in mind, we have a research development center here in so what you can see here is a lavatory semi-scale wind classifier system, it's a cooling equipment here, what we can do is that check out your fuel how it looks like regarding the availability to be entrenched in the gas holder needs be, put it in a defined gas and check out if particles can follow or not and normally what we see is that every waste fuel contains a certain degree of heavy friction which is not flammable, so this heavy friction is colored in red so it is some kind of freedom engine particles which you most of the time find in your waste fuel, and now we have the second device which you can see at the left side of the laboratory skates we act out which is heated by electric heat and as you can see here baskets so we can determine the mass decrease over time which is happening due to to the combustion and the graph here at the bottom shows you the result of such an experiment, and what you can see is that there is of course a significant influence of a particle size on the combustion time you need.

Here in this case you need 75% more in time you need in order to get a good one equal burn out compared to the very fine fluffy and light affection in the fuel. So if you look to Europe here we have a lot of plants which are manufactured in the early stage, so that means those that tend to have very short consigner loops in order to make good application running for alternative fuels it's normally necessary to revamp

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